Multi Attribute Test: Comparing the 3 hottest Wedges on the Market

Multi-Attribute Test: comparing the 3 hottest wedges on the market

When it comes to your short game, probably the most important club in your bag is by far your pitching wedge. Good pitches into the green that set you up for that make-able birdie put you have been looking for all round are incredibly important.

But as important as they are, the perception of pitching wedges is very controversial. As opposed to your long irons where you can take your Trackman data to measure performance, short game is all about having the right connection to your wedges and getting into that personal groove with your club. (Just like in private life!)

We have taken a shot at trying to understand what the crucial attitudes are when players are looking for their perfect wedge. But not only did we try to understand what is important to golfers, but we have also tried to find out how the attributes are perceived for the 3 hottest wedges on the market.


Therefore we have conducted what is commonly known as a Multi-Attribute Test. And as the name says, we can measure a set of attributes across a set of different clubs from different brands.

The Big word: Multi-Attribute Test

Let us show you how it works. We have predefined a set of 6 Attributes that we found were the most important for wedges. Since we are passionate Golfers ourselves, we have based this decision mainly on our own experiences. We included:

  • Design: The overall perception of the visual appeal
  • Price: The price you would have to pay for the club and if the participants think it is acceptable (provided by us: Mizuno 149€, Titleist 165€, Srixon 159€)
  • Innovation: The amount of new technology that is used
  • Testimonials: Any person that advertises the wedge and emphasizes the quality
  • Brand Image: The overall perception of the brand independent of the wedge presented
  • Feeling: The feeling when holding the wedge, including weight distribution and grip

But that is about as much as we got involved in the test – now it was up to our participants.

First of all without having looked at the wedges yet, all participants had to rate the relevance of every attribute according to their own opinion (1 being very unimportant – 10 super important). You will find a summary of our findings on the bottom.

Afterwards, our participants were individually presented with the 3 hottest wedges on the market: The Titleist Vokey SM6, Srixon Z565 and the Mizuno T7 – all lofted as 48° pitching wedges. According to their perception, they had to go through the attribute grid and allocate points for each attribute to each club. (scale as before).


The final step was to multiply the relevance of the attributes with the actual perceived rating of the attribute of each wedge. Let’s say, someone rated Design with a medium importance of 5, and then perceived the Design of the Mizuno T7 as pretty good with 8 points, 5×8 equals 40 points.


Our results were then analyzed to find:

  • A ranking of the importance of all attributes
  • A ranking ot the perception of the wedges via summing up all the allocated points
  • Which club won which attribute

Didn’t get it? Read again.

Got it? Great. You are now ready for some results! Read on 🙂


The Results

So now that you know how the test was conducted, let’s turn to the interesting part and look at the results. Let’s start!

Importance of the attributes

Before the actual rating of the clubs, each participant had to assign a level of importance to the attributes. As the table below shows, the 2 most important attributes were Feeling (average of 8.73) and Price (8.33). Design was ranked as the 3rd important (6.73), with Innovation, Brand Image and Testimonials being the least important, but still of medium importance (all around 5)

Relevance of Attribute Average
1. Feeling 8.73
2. Price 8.33
3. Design 6.73
4. Innovation 5.87
5. Brand Image 5.73
6. Testimonials 5.47

Comparison of Attributes across wedges

Now that we have seen which attributes are the most important, let’s look at comparing the results of the 3 wedges.

Feeling: The best feeling for our participants was provided by the Srixon (1145) wedge. It has a comfortable advantage over the Titleist (1087) in second place and the Mizuno (1066) in the last position.

Price: The most acceptable price according to our sample group had the Mizuno (1054) which has also the lowest price of the three. Surprisingly we found that the price of the most expensive Titleist (988) wedge was perceived to be more acceptable as for the mid priced Srixon wedge (969). We concluded that this might be due to the different perception of brand images.

Design: The Srixon Z565 wins the design award of our participants with 679 points, just ahead of the Titleist Vokey SM6 (670) and a bit before the Mizuno T7 (656) which was perceived to be the least visual appealing.

Innovation: The Srixon (522) was perceived to be the most innovative which did not surprise us due to the newly designed club head. Mizuno (500) came in second place and Titleist (486) the least innovative wedge in our test, which might be due to the fact that this is the oldest wedge out of our 3 tested.

Brand Image: It didn’t surprise us that Titleist (566) has the best brand image with a comfy cushion ahead of Srixon (523) and Mizuno (527). Titleist are trying to position themselves as the number one brand in Golf which is true according to our participants.

Testimonials: Our test showed that the strategy of signing world class players has paid off for Titleist (566). They are well ahead of Mizuno (526) in 2nd place, who have recently tried to take similar actions as Titleist but they haven’t quite paid off yet. It will be interesting to see if Srixon can work their way up from their last place (458) as they have recently announced to launch a big Brand Ambassador Program in Europe.

Here is an overview of our findings:

Attribute Titleist Vokey SM6 Srixon Z565 Mizuno T7
1. Design 670 679 656
2. Price 988 969 1054
3. Innovation 486 522 500
4. Testimonials 566 458 526
5. Brand Image 566 523 527
6. Feeling 1087 1145 1066


And the Winner is…

Last but not least we will unveil which wedge has won our test. It was very close between the 3 different products and as we have shown before, each one has their strengths and weaknesses. And with 4363 points, the Titleist Vokey SM6 has won our test, with only as little as 4 points ahead of the Mizuno T7 with 4359. A bit behind, the Srixon Z565 Wedge came in 3rd with 4341 points. So in the end, it was just a matter of a few points that made the difference.

Does this mean now that we recommend you to buy the SM6? Well, with this tight of a result we can’t really say that. The results are always the outcome of a personal and subjective point of view. In the end, it is all a matter of personal taste and finding the right connection with your club. If you are not confident with your equipment, you can’t be confident in your game. Therefore it is important to find a wedge that suits your gusto and swing.


What are your thoughts? Do you agree with our participants and how they rated the clubs? Let us know what you think – we are looking forward to your feedback!

See you around and may the winds be with you!


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